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From Karl Fogel <>
Subject Re: Hosting new Ant2 repository with SubVersion!?!?
Date Tue, 23 Jul 2002 20:14:24 GMT
Dominique Devienne <> writes:
> Since they're self-hosted now, I'd say yes. And given the fact that it
> supports rename and move, it would be perfect for a highly changeable repo,
> which Ant2 is likely to be at first, and for refactorings.
> Somebody who knows Karl Fogel could ask him whether it was feasible and/or
> desirable. --DD

Sheesh.  Sorry, I read my mail too fast just now (we're releasing
Alpha today, things are a bit crazy around here).

Two separate issues:

   (1) Hosting Ant2 in a Subversion repository.
   (2) Ant built rules ("tasks"?) for Subversion.

My first response was only about (2).  As for (1), go for it!  Just be
prepared to have some people watching our dev list, in case anything
comes up.  (And you might as well wait for the Alpha release, of

I guess also be prepared for a slightly greater inconvenience to
contributors.  After all, they probably already have CVS clients
installed on their systems; now you're asking them to install this
other `svn' thing as well.  It's not a huge burden, just something to
keep in mind.


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