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From Kevin Z Grey <>
Subject Re: Why stop at JDK1.2? Only semi-serious question...
Date Sat, 13 Jul 2002 22:00:19 GMT


    By the same philosophy, why not just move to JDK 1.4?  You can 
always just set a JVM version target when compiling source, so by not 
moving to 1.4 you're merely missing the bug fixes and enhancements. 
 Plus, the impression I've always been getting from 1.3.x has been that 
its buggier than both 1.2.x and 1.4... could be my imagination though.


Jon Skeet wrote:

>All this discussion about whether or not to drop JDK 1.1 support has
>just got me thinking: why stop there? Just as almost everyone has a
>Java2 version of the JDK, doesn't almost everyone have 1.3+ ?
>Don't jump on me at once: I know not everyone has. However, I don't know
>how large that divide is, nor do I know how much benefit requiring 1.3+
>would give us. I just think it's worth asking the question *now* rather
>than waiting until there's a situation which would be easier to handle
>in 1.3.
>I suspect the answer is that there's not a lot that 1.3 gives us that
>1.2 doesn't, in terms of API. Here's what the 1.3 "Summary of New
>Features" list has:
>o JNDI (probably irrelevant to the core)
>o RMI (ditto)
>o Various client-only things such as Swing, AWT, Java Sound etc
>o Security (probably not an issue?)
>o Networking (probably irrelevant to the core)
>o Reflection enhancements (dynamic proxy classes - these have always
>struck me as cool, but I've never actually used them. I don't know how
>to predict whether or not they'd be useful to Ant.)
>o Serialization (I try to avoid this in general, and I suspect Ant
>doesn't need to use it)
>o Collections framework enhancements - nothing huge, as far as I can see
>o Enhancements in java.{util,math,lang} - as far as I can see, only
>java.util.Timer is likely to be particularly useful to Ant, and can be
>reasonably easily implemented by us anyway, I'm sure.
>o JPDA (Java Platform Debugger Architecture) - More likely to be useful
>for extra tasks, I'd have thought (I hadn't considered using Ant in the
>context of a debugger before - might think about that some more...)
>o Tool and performance changes are irrelevant to the core of Ant, I
>I can't see anything particularly compelling in the above, but if I've
>missed anything, do let me know.
>On the other side of things, what platforms are there which make it
>difficult to get 1.3 compatibility? gcj is the first "suspect" as it
>were, but that's a mere guess from someone who's never used it...
>Just some random Saturday night musings, anyway.

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