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From Kevin Z Grey <>
Subject Re: ImageManip
Date Wed, 10 Jul 2002 02:02:20 GMT
Hi Erik,

Response embedded...

Erik Hatcher wrote:

>I'm finally getting some time to have a look at this.
>Does anyone have any objections to this becoming part of Ant's core?  Its
>built on pure JAI API's, so nothing "optional" about it.
>One thing I'm looking for is to do image thumbnailing though, complete with
>dependency checking to only process files that are newer than their
>thumbnail version and such.  Currently this task does not do dependency
>checking, and appears to overwrite the original files, right?  And it only
>writes out JPEG's??
Correct, I threw it out as a demo to see if I could get some fishies to 
bite.  The intention is to have it handle dependencies and various image 

>Kevin, are you up for working with me to get this in shape for adding to Ant
>if there are no objections?  A few things would be needed at least: 1) docs
>created (complete with good Javadocs for later auto generation) 2)
>System.out.println's removed or replaced with log() calls. 3) dependency
>checking added, as well as destination directory capability.
Yes, absolutely.  I'll re-work what I've got and send you some diffs to 
base everything else off of.  Realistically I'll have the chance to get 
rolling on this around this weekend.


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