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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Vetoes are void? was Re: [VOTE] target-less build files - counting results
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2002 15:40:35 GMT
On Wed, 24 Jul 2002 20:19, Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> On Wed, 24 Jul 2002, Peter Donald <> wrote:
> > So far I have have vetoed the change and given reasons which other
> > people have supported.
> I've cited all reasons as far as I can tell.  These reasons are
> reasons against top-level tasks, not against target-less builds.

I have no problem with top level tasks and I have never said I did as far as I 
recall. I would prefer that only declarators were part of top level but as 
that is nearly impossible to implement due to ants wonderful codebase I have 
no problem with making any task a top level task.

> You can not honestly claim that my example (b) is cleaner, clearer,
> easier to understand or makes the learning curve smoother than my
> example (a).

I can claim that 

  <target name="main">
    <echo>Hello world</echo>

is cleaner, clearer, easier to understand ... yada yada. 

It follows our current model where work is described by targets and is 
requires very little effort to migrate into a fully fledged, well modularised 
build file. 

Where I don't think targetless build files do the same. Stephane seems to 
agree with me thus my -1 is not invalid. 


Peter Donald
"Artists can color the sky red because they know it's blue.  Those of us who
 aren't artists must color things the way they really are or people might 
 think we're stupid." -- Jules Feiffer 

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