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From Jose Alberto Fernandez <>
Subject RE: <import> enhancement, it's done, but do you like how it works ?
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2002 16:48:35 GMT
 --- Dominique Devienne <> wrote: >
You can have as many import levels as you want, and
> any file will be
> imported only once (and cycle are taken care of
> too). So it's like all
> imported files belong inside the importee. I'm not
> too sure how that plays
> with Nicola Ken's newest super. Scheme ;-) I think
> it complicates things a
> bit... Not sure yet how to do it better. --DD

I have no problem with the import (i.e., include) side
of it. That is fine. All my comments are with respect
to the rewriting scheme for target overiding.

I am suggesting a rewriting scheme that renames each
overridden target with the file it comes from:

  targetA --> path/A.xml::targetA

and then having ${ant::super(targetA)} expand to the
correct rewrite:

  <target name="targetA" 


  <target name="targetA" 

this is robust no matter how many levels of nesting
you have.

Jose Alberto

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