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From Yyy Xxx <>
Subject Re: Ant 2 et al.
Date Tue, 09 Jul 2002 19:00:00 GMT
I don't see a problem with this specific backward
compatibility issue.

1. Non-namespace names like &#34;test:echo&#34; is,
IMHO, not a common practice.  

2. If there were build files like this in the field,
it would be trivial to fix them.

3. The XML standards warn about using colons in names
for non-namespace purposes.  A '96 XML spec doesn't
allow colons in &#34;Nmtokens&#34; (WD-xml-961114,
section 1.5).  An XML specs from '97 (PR-xml-971208)
includes (section 2.3) text such as:

&#34;Note: The colon character within XML names is
reserved for experimentation with name spaces. ... In
practice, this means that authors should not use the
colon in XML names except as part of name-space

This warning grows stronger as the years pass.

Using a colon for non-namespace purposes is simply bad

I'd like to know what &#34;namespace support&#34;
means to Ant before its added.  However, I don't think
that the backward compatibility issue is a valid
reason to not add namespace support, whatever that may

Personally, I think bug 4369
should be re-opened and fixed.  That would be a nice
start for namespace support.  Because Ant currently
has nothing to do with name spaces, this bug causes
extra work when build.xml files are generated from
stylesheets which do use namespaces.

On Wednesday, July 10, 2002, at 02:07 , Erik Hatcher

&gt; ----- Original Message -----
&gt; From: &#34;Conor MacNeill&#34;
&gt;&gt; Adding namespace support is not a backward
compatible change, though
&gt;&gt; &lt;project name=&#34;test&#34;
&gt;&gt;    &lt;target name=&#34;test&#34;&gt;
&gt;&gt;      &lt;taskdef name=&#34;test:echo&#34;
&gt;&gt;      &lt;test:echo
&gt;&gt;    &lt;/target&gt;
&gt;&gt; &lt;/project&gt;
&gt; I don't understand how this is not backwards
compatible?  As long as 
&gt; newer
&gt; versions of Ant can run older build files, that
is backwards 
&gt; compatibility.
&gt; But older versions of Ant cannot be expected to
run newer build files.  
&gt; Or
&gt; am I missing something here?

Let's say in Ant 1.6 we want to add Nicola Ken's
&lt;import&gt; task but we 
wish to use namespaces to avoid collisions - i.e.
&lt;ant:import&gt;. So we 
turn on namespaces. The above build file will then
fail with an XML 
parser error (undeclared namespace at test:echo). So
we can't run an old 
build file with the new version of Ant. We could have
an option to turn 
on namespace support but it means this user cannot
import this build 


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