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Subject cvs commit: jakarta-ant welcome.html
Date Tue, 09 Jul 2002 14:37:35 GMT
umagesh     2002/07/09 07:37:35

  Modified:    .        Tag: ANT_15_BRANCH welcome.html
  According to Stefan, Apple has given the ASF moof, an OS-X box.
  Steve, hope you do not mind...  I am just about to start tagging the final release build.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  No                   revision
  No                   revision   +0 -3      jakarta-ant/Attic/welcome.html
  Index: welcome.html
  RCS file: /home/cvs/jakarta-ant/Attic/welcome.html,v
  retrieving revision
  retrieving revision
  diff -u -r1.1.2.1 -r1.1.2.2
  --- welcome.html	9 Jul 2002 00:04:35 -0000
  +++ welcome.html	9 Jul 2002 14:37:35 -0000
  @@ -96,9 +96,6 @@
   <li>New platforms: MacOS X for owners of those cute little laptops, 
   Novell Netware servers, and even z/OS and OS/390 for mainframe
   developers who write their build files on their virtual card punches.
  -We'd like to thank apple for supplying the Ant development team with the
  -laptops and the server, but we can't because they haven't. We are 
  -still hopeful :)
   <li>Conditions. Take a look at the &lt;condition&gt; tag to see what you
   look for, then at &lt;waitfor&gt; to use the same tests in deployment.
   Finally, notice the <tt>if</tt> and <tt>unless</tt> attributes

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