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From Scott Lamb <>
Subject [patch] Default excludes for Subversion
Date Tue, 02 Jul 2002 19:56:27 GMT

I've started using Subversion <>. It keeps its
revision history in a .svn directory and a cache of all the source files.
Lots of tasks (javac, junit) choke on these cache files, thinking they
are source.

I solved this by adding an exclude. I'd like to see this added to the
default excludes. The attached patch adds "**/.svn/**" and "**/.svn",
analagous to (but even more important than) the existing "**/CVS/**" and
"**/CVS". Please apply.

Scott Lamb

P.S. - This is try #2 to send this message. Does the mailing list
silently reject submissions from non-subscribers? I just subscribed.

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