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From Martin van den Bemt <>
Subject Re: Death of a mutant ...
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2002 21:29:56 GMT
There are scenarios I can think of that it is still needed, but people
(or mankind ;) can just still use the ant 1.5 version, for those
projects... If there are bugs, you can always leave it open for bug

Martin van den Bemt

On Thu, 2002-07-11 at 23:17, Patrick (Gus) Heck wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> >There is a limit to wrapping. My goal is not to create a wrapper for each
> >thing that is worth it and end up with a copy of the JDK 1.2+ in the Ant
> >repository. To be clear for reading the implementation version of a package
> >I prefer to use the JDK 1.2 method and do it by reflection rather than
> >creating hundred lines of code that does the same thing and that wiill be
> >used by maybe one lost person with JDK 1.1 among 100,000 users.
> >
> >As you  agreed earlier, the less code we have the better we feel.
> >
> >>Well, if everyone else feels 1.1 shouldn't be supported - it only takes
> >>a vote to remove that requirement. Even for 1.6 - the commiters set
> >>the rules. I won't -1 it.
> >>
> I have never quite understood the need to make ant run under 1.1. I 
> certainly think one should be able to write things that target a 1.1 
> platform, and use ant to build them, but why are we so worried about 
> allowing people to develop stuff in an outdated environment? Yeah 
> someone here said their zarus only had 1.1 but is building with ant on a 
> zarus really valuable, or just kinda neat to do? Wouldn't it be better 
> to build for the zarus on your dual Athlon MP machine? What environments 
> don't have a 1.2+ compiler available for people to build thier ant with 
> that are really important _development_ platforms?
> I also have been wondering recently what it is that ant defines as out 
> of scope. I am currently using it to "build" a website from a cvs 
> repository on a regular basis. The website has lots of code on it that 
> also gets built so this is convenient, but I kinda wonder if it isn't 
> stretching the purpose of Ant.
> A specialized tool is usually much more efficient than a generalized 
> tool, but it does fewer things. Swiss Army knives are really nice when 
> you don't know what you will need, but a real philips screwdriver, or a 
> power screwdriver is more efficient for driving philips head screws 
> because it doesn't try to include can-opener and whittling functionality 
> too.
> Gus
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