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From "Erik Hatcher" <>
Subject Re: Death of a mutant ...
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2002 10:56:23 GMT
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From: "Stefan Bodewig" <>

> > Improving Ant on the current codebase is not impossible, and it
> > seems many people believe this is the way to go.
> Are you sure you have your numbers straight?  Let me count, Costin and
> myself (and I wouldn't even cast a -1) on the one side and Jon, Erik,
> Peter, Adam, Magesh, Diane and you on the other.

I'm mostly on the fence still.  Although I do believe strongly that API
breaks need to be made for us to keep our sanity and not have to worry so
strongly about backwards compatibility but rather forward thinking and
progress.  I have no need for anything but Java2, so I'd love to see us use
the Collections API more rather than Vector, etc.  So big changes need to be
made to get to a better place.  Ant1.x build files can always be supported
at the worst case by launching a 1.x version of Ant, so no matter how much
the API and architecture changes we can support older build files.

I would like to see the Mutant code and would say that I probably lean more
towards the Mutant side of things in my current thinking for several various
reasons - but I have not looked deep into Myrmidon either, so its mostly a
gut-feel assessment.

Please at least put a .zip of the Mutant code back in CVS so we can all get
to it in our free time and have a look. Pretty please?!  :)

Conor, thanks for all your hard work and dedication.  I'm sad to see you
step back.


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