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From "Stephane Bailliez" <>
Subject Re: Death of a mutant ...
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2002 17:42:16 GMT
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From: <>

> > I must be missing something.
> > How do you plan to make it work in a 1.1 if your implementation is 1.2 ?
> As long as the interface doesn't use JDK1.2 features ( and that's not
> _that_ difficult !) and the code is modular ( as it should ) - I can
> use a different implementation that is not using 1.2.

As long as it's 'you'. :)

> > I'm tired of Enumeration, toArray(), Vector/Hashtable, isFile()
> > !isDirectory() or use reflection to get some benefits of JDK 1.2 methods
> > available. No need to reinvent and recode what has already been done and
> > exists. Why should I need to recode a Manifest class ? unecessary code.
> > have load of unecessary codes like this. Should it be for creating a
> > file. For copying the content of a vector into an array. etc...
> Using reflection is clearly a bad solution. Again, it is possible to
> provide a clean solution, using a simple wrapper for most things.

There is a limit to wrapping. My goal is not to create a wrapper for each
thing that is worth it and end up with a copy of the JDK 1.2+ in the Ant
repository. To be clear for reading the implementation version of a package
I prefer to use the JDK 1.2 method and do it by reflection rather than
creating hundred lines of code that does the same thing and that wiill be
used by maybe one lost person with JDK 1.1 among 100,000 users.

As you  agreed earlier, the less code we have the better we feel.

> Well, if everyone else feels 1.1 shouldn't be supported - it only takes
> a vote to remove that requirement. Even for 1.6 - the commiters set
> the rules. I won't -1 it.

Thank you. :)

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