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From "Jose Alberto Fernandez" <>
Subject Re: Embed Sandbox Proposal: HOWTO?
Date Mon, 29 Jul 2002 22:50:35 GMT
From: "Wannheden, Knut" <>

> > From: <>
> > 
> > I agree in part. I think APIs passing "Object" should be 
> > avoided as much as posible.
> > They say nothing about the constraints imposed by the API. It 
> > makes no sense to
> > pass things other than those able to produce an stream of 
> > input to the current implementations
> > of ProjectHelperImpl.
> > 
> Why a stream of input?  As an example is a DOM tree certainly not a stream,
> not has it necessarily been constructed from one, but it is perfectly suited
> as input for an Ant project.  In this case I think Object as input makes
> perfectly sense as it should really be left up to the implementor what kind
> of source he'd like to read the input from.  But of course he has to know
> that he will have to deal with File objects if he uses the <ant> task or the
> like.  In this case he might just delegate to the standard
> ProjectHelperImpl.

I think the best analogy here is the way the JDOM API works. JDOM
provides the concept of a JDOMFactory interface whose implementations are 
the ones actually constructing the model (I would argue this is the equivalent to
what we want ProjectHelper to be), and then you have several *Builder classes
that direct the construction of the model from diferent sources (DOMBuilder, 
SAXBuilder, etc.).

In such a model there is no need to pass "Object" parameters around, things are well
typed and the compiler can do its proper job.

> But I agree the default ProjectHelperImpl provided by Ant should probably be
> able to handle URIs not only Files, but I guess this is the general idea
> anyways.

Jose Alberto

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