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Subject Re: Object oriented builds [was Mutant Documentation]
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2002 03:18:54 GMT

What we're doing in maven land seems awfully ant like, and has fallen out
of our attempts to build a reusable, callable ant process.

Maybe some point down the track the ideas will merge.
dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting

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From: "Conor MacNeill" <>

> I agree. I think today in Ant1 there is a lot of copy and paste build
> file production. That, of course, violates the DRY principle expounded
> by the Pragmatic programmers.

One of my all-time favorite texts!  A mandatory read for all developers, I

> > Does the object-oriented nature of this include being able to "extend"
> > or projects?  I'm thinking at the API level now, not the XML
> You say "extend tasks". I may misunderstand you there and perhaps you
> mean targets.

Oops, yes, I meant targets.

> As for a more object-oriented approach to project reuse - I'm not sure
> yet. I'd like to see how the project reference concept pans out.

I will stay eagerly in tune on this.  It seems to me in my current thinking
that it has to evolve to OO at the project and target levels (again,
API-wise, XML representation is the last thing I want to consider at the
moment).  I've got to think through this some more though, and of course
experiment with the proposals, before speaking more concretely.


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