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From "Dan MacDonald" <>
Subject javac -bootclasspath should use ClassLoader in CompilerAdapterFactory?
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2002 01:46:30 GMT

If I create a javac task and provide a bootclasspath I expect it would/could 
assist with locating the associated javac class.

The problem I'm seeing is the -bootclasspath is passed into the compile 
method but not used to resolve the actual compiler during the initial 
Class.forName() operation.

I believe if the bootclasspath was used to construct a ClassLoader from 
which we passed to the Class.forName() during construction of the compiler 
class I could at least in theory run a JRE 1.4 but compile using the javac 
from any previous release that I could reference the associated rt.jar and 

The way it appears now, my -bootclasspath is not used to determine where my 
compiler originates from and so I'm stuck with using the standard compiler 
that I launched Ant with.

Thoughts or am I perhaps missing something?

Dan MacDonald

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