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From "J.Pietschmann" <>
Subject Re: Docs out of sync
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2002 19:32:10 GMT
Rob Oxspring wrote:
> What are the options here then? a few spring to mind but we need to get them
> out in the open if a proper decision is to be arrived at.

I'd think of:
- Write a DTD for build.xml. Start with a strict one.
- Verify all build.xml you can take hold of. Verification
   problems point to omissions in the DTD.
   I can provide tools/support if needed.
- Use cyberneko to transform the DTD into an XSchema
   I can provide support if needed.
- Fine tune by introducing data types and other stuff like
   dependencies between attributes and child elements into
   the XSchema. I *think* I can provide some support here too.
   There is also the XML-dev list...
- Verify all build.xml you can take hold of with the schema.
   Verification problems point to errors in the fine tuning.
   I can provide tools/support for this step.
- Write an XML file with more extensive documentation. An
   initial skeleton for the doc can be built with XSLT.
   The doc can use markup as placeholders to pull in data
   from the schema (like attribute types) when transformed
   into an xdoc XML.
   I can provide some supprot for design and tools.
- Improve and maintain the schema and the docs. Use an XSLT
   based checker to endure consistency between schema and doc.

> 4) I really no nothing about it but would XSchema have any useful syntax
> that we could steal?

XSchema is a real PITA unless you restrict yourself to a
managable subset. It has some advantages though (tool support,
in particular Xerces 2 can validate a document against an XSchema)


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