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From "Erik Hatcher" <>
Subject Javadoc cleanup for task reference generation
Date Tue, 18 Jun 2002 00:58:58 GMT
Steve and I will soon be committing a fair bit of Javadoc-only changes to
the 1.5 branch to get the comments friendly for the proposal/xdocs project
as we work on generating a complete task reference for our book.  I'm
assuming that no one will object to Javadoc changes, but if so please speak

One style question: what is the preferred Javadoc comment style for setters?
Lots of our comments say "Sets the [attribute name]".  We already know its a
setter, so is it ok to drop the "Sets the" part?

Our HTML task reference documentation does not have the "Sets the" segue and
the goal is to get the xdocs project solid enough to drop our HTML
documentation and use generation straight from the source code. I'm planning
on getting the comments from the HTML files and pasting those over into
Javadoc method comments.  Sound ok?

I'm 95% of the way to having the output of xdocs be what we need, after
getting Javadoc comments cleaned up - even to the point where it uses
IntrospectionHelper internally to ensure its matching Ant's rules exactly.


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