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Subject Re: [PATCH] Definer to allow types/tasks from the same jar to work
Date Thu, 23 May 2002 23:23:14 GMT
On Fri, 24 May 2002, Conor MacNeill wrote:

> I guess Magesh needs to make a call on whether this should go into the release.

Sure, but everyone else can -1 - and that's what I'm worried about :-)

> Why not create a datatype for the loader
> <loader id="tomcat.loader">
>    <classpath ...
> </loader>
> and then ref in the taskdef/typedefs
> <taskdef>
>     <loader refid="tomcat.loader"/>
> </taskdef>
> No need for magic properties or implicit sharing of loaders.

Regarding 'magic' properties - the main reason is to allow 
a single build.xml file that works with both ant1.4 and ant1.5.
I don't think the next release of tomcat can require ant1.5
and not work with 1.4. 

My main concern was to create the minimal ammount of change,
both in build.xml ( for backward compat ) and as code. I think
it's more of a bugfix, using tasks and types should work in 
any case. 

The big question is - can we agree to make the default 
behavior 'reuse' - i.e. taskdef will allways use the same
loader for the same classpath ? If we do, then I can remove
the magic property and the attribute.  Is it possible that someone is 
actually using the fact that <taskdef> will create a different class 
loader for each task ? I think it is a bug, but if it is considered a 
feature we'll have to preserve it.

Regarding your sugestion - a <loader> type will work without
any change with taskdef ( since we use the object referenced 
by the id, if it is an AntClassLoader ). 

I will rename the attribute from  
to make it clear what it means, but creating the inner <loader>
for taskdef seems like too bigger code change.


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