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Subject Re: Ant on java 1.4
Date Thu, 16 May 2002 17:18:04 GMT
On 16 May 2002, Stefan Bodewig wrote:

> On Wed, 15 May 2002, <> wrote:
> > I'll try to commit a fix and set flag to generate 1.1 code
> > and use modern if 1.4 is detected, but I don't have any time now.
> I wouldn't want this to happen unconditionally.  There is no reason to
> generate 1.1 compatible class files if you know your code will only
> ever run on 1.4 VMs.
> The flag that you have been talking about it the -target switch, which
> is already supported via <javac>'s target attribute.  There shouldn't
> be a reason for more than that IMHO.  This attribute is ignored if you
> happen to compile on JDK 1.1 - so it is save to always set it to "1.1"
> or something.

Would it be a problem if we set the default to "1.1", and let people 
override it if they want ? 

1.4 defaults to 1.2 - and no project that I even seen ( including ant )
has the 'target=1.1'. 

With the new 'write once, run only on JDK1.4' policy from Sun, many 
projects will be forced to build with JDK1.4 - and the result will not
work with JDK1.1.

Connection pools, commons-logging, tomcat, ant - if you build with 
JDK1.4 with the current build.xml it won't run on JDK1.1, and if
you build with JDK1.3 it will not work with JDK1.4 ( or some features
will be removed ).


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