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From Adam Heath <>
Subject Re: [JPackage-devel] FW: jakarta ant 1.4.1/1.5 ant script
Date Tue, 07 May 2002 21:57:53 GMT
On 7 May 2002, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

> Anyway time for a new dump :
>         * changed test "rpmmode=true" to "standalone=false" since
>           jpackage rpms aim at a correct & standard setup, if someone
>           (like debian) thinks we abuse a standard we should fix the our
>           rpms and ant scripts, not introduce distro-specific hacks in
>           original jakarta ant scripts. Ideally standalone=false should
>           work for all standard packaged ants, be it rpms or debs (cc to
>  if they want to chime in)

On this rpm note, I have pure java code to read/write ar, cpio(binary and
compat) and tar(sysv, gnu, posix).  I then have the above combined to
read/write debs.  I've started on rpm support.

This is all under a unified api, similiar to, but more

I've got most of the base api docs done, but not much other documentation has
been written.

There are junit tests for all this work(reading and writing tests).  The code
has one failure  under sun jdk(a bug in sun's jdk, a missing feature).  The
version of kaffe in debian testing currently fails 2 tests(the same test
above, plus one other, that I can't recall at the moment).

There are 2 build systems for this: ant, and erector-set.  This latter is an
autoconf/make based system, that has support for gcj(which treats .java files
just like .c/.c++, which means making libraries(.so) and regular binaries).
It also support python, c, c++.  But, obviously, ant would be used in any pure
java environment.

I really need to release this soon.  I guess releasing without docs, is better
than not releasing at all.

Btw, the name is altar: Abstract Library To ARchives.

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