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From "Keith Wannamaker" <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] CompilerClasspath jspc attribute
Date Tue, 21 May 2002 12:53:56 GMT
| > Here is the final proposed patch for a compilerclasspath
| > attribute to jspc:
| >
| >
| > This attribute specifies a classpath in which to find a
| > custom compiler adaptor.
| >
| > The patch includes code changes, doc changes, and two
| > additional jspc tests.
| >  (without the .txt)
| I like these, I like your tests and am motivated to put them into ant1.5,
| though I think that dummyadapter should compile down as part of the test
| build...there is no point having .class files in CVS if we have the source.

Great news, thanks for taking a look at them.  I left the current
patches as-is and created a patch for the build:

This compiles DummyAdaptor to the right place and allows the source
to live in:

| > Note unless you have an older Tomcat 4.x jasper which
| > actually passes the tests, use the Tomcat 3.x jasper
| > and comment the mangler test in
| Aah, that must be half my problem; I am using a working version of jasper I
| have around :)

Yeah, I'm not sure what is going on with the head of Jasper right now.  I
saw a flurry of 'improvement' commits lately to TC4 Jasper, so I think 
something just got broken temporarily.

| Actually even then, it is broken as it doesnt do directories. the JasperC
| compiler needs to break the list of files up and hand single directories to
| jasper.

Hmm, I've never run into that because we always use jspc for flat directories.


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