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From "Keith Wannamaker" <>
Subject RE: classloader for factories
Date Sat, 18 May 2002 14:07:59 GMT
Hi Costin,

Thanks for the pointer to jk2, lots of good ideas.

I think the difference is the jk2 ant is loading
custom adapters from your custom task, while I'm
relying on the JspC task to load my custom adapter.
I thought making a new jspc2 task with my jar in the
loader would work:

<taskdef name="jspc2"
  <classpath path="/path/to/my/adapter/jar" />


<jspc2 compier="" ..... >

but this doesn't work either.  Still investigating
why, it acts like there is a parent_first going on
when loading jspc2, so it gets loaded from the
system classpath.  Therefore jsp2 is still trying
to load my adapter from the system classpath.

What I'm trying to avoid is requiring builders to
put my adapter jar in the system classpath prior
to running ant.  I have a feeling I'm missing
something.. any ideas?


| In most cases you don't need to set the classpath - the only
| special situation is when a library doesn't use the thread loader,
| but most have been fixed.
| You can define a class loader and then use it in the taskdef.
| If you use 'resource', all tasks that are defined in the
| resource will be loaded in the same loader.
| That works fine - take a look at 3.3 admin or test,
| or jk2 build file.
| Is there anything specific you have problems with ?
| Costin

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