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From "Keith Wannamaker" <>
Subject RE: classloader for factories
Date Sat, 18 May 2002 17:31:16 GMT
After testing, my second idea won't work either.  The loader
which was used to load the original JspC is still used by
it to find the Adapter, which makes sense (but doesn't help ;-).

So, to load the adapter from the tomcat custom Ant jar, 
without putting this jar in the classpath, seems to require

1) cut-paste of JspC and JspCompilerAdapterFactory into our
   jar, so they will be loaded by the taskdef loader.  If
   the Factory is loaded by the taskdef loader, then it will
   load the adapter from the taskdef loader. 

2) go back to the compilerclasspath attribute.

So, let's work toward (2).  As far as a testcase-

It seems the current jspc testcases really only test the mangler.
The only way to test the compilerclasspath attribute would be
to write a custom adapter that, say, threw an exception.  Then
set the classpath to this adapter and run the compiler, looking
for an exception.  Sound ok?


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