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From "GOMEZ Henri" <>
Subject RE: ant 1.5 optional jar split
Date Tue, 07 May 2002 10:53:09 GMT
>> It will help package OSS compliant rpm (deb) which stick on
>> external dependencies...
>Hmm - they don't allow stuff that depends on the presence of non-OSS
>applications at runtime?  I thought the FreeTds JDBC driver would ship
>with debian and it clearly needs a Microsoft SQL Server or a Sybase
>database to do something useful.

FreeTds JDBC is OSS, even if it require MS SQL to run.
So it could be compiled WITHOUT MS SQL and could be packaged.

>I'm sure I am misunderstanding something here.

Did it help you.

the goal in packaging (at least for rpm), is to make your most
to provide binary packages and source packages which could
be rebuilt by paranoid users (ex: army, secret agencies, banks ;)

So you should be sure that a know package only depends on others
known (present) packages, a sort of chicken/eggs when you want
to build ant with dependencies on regexp or oro, which is turn
require ant to be built.

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