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From "GOMEZ Henri" <>
Subject RE: translate/translator task - suggestions
Date Mon, 06 May 2002 07:29:46 GMT
>IMHO, the concept of root and fallback has been
>defined nicely to follow a hierarchial beanch-2-branch
>pattern as explained in 

That's the language fallback which I'll try to clone in the
xml version.

>If you can have your XML Dictionary files follow this pattern,
>it would be peachy!  Or is there something that I do
>not follow that makes you shrug this commonly followed
>> The fallback tag is easy to add in xml based files,
>> but how to do this in properties bundle implementation ?
>Using the naming of the files.

>> Should we tag each bundle res with a fallback tag in
>> task properties ?
>Nope.  It is taken care automatically.
>> The domain idea is important when you want to translate
>> a big webapp where dictionaries are splitted between
>> developpers and when you can have such fallback strategy,
>> ie some globals dictionaries and local dictionnaries.
>Yep, it is important...  and I assume they will end up
>being hierarchially defined ;-)

Domains need some more precisions :

- Domains didn't cover language but part of the applications.
  ie: You could have a domain covering java, anothers covering
  servlets and a third covering xml-rpc.

  The chaining is the following :

  xml-rpc -> servlets
  servlets -> java

  You could search for translation in xml-rpc specifically because
  a translate id could be allready present in the others domains
  (bad practice but users tends to do some ;)

  So you start to search for a translate-id in xml-rpc dictionary, if
  it fail you try in xml-rpc parent, servlets dictionary and next 
  in servlets dict parents java.
  The good point is that you could stop the search fallback by 
  not setting any parents for a given domain.

  I could add this parent definition in xml dictionary files but
  since I should try to keep compatible with your resource bundle 
  implementation (and a possible SQL one), I'll have to give defs
  in the build.xml

BTW, while working on merge, I detected one error in translate
and send a comment containing updated code ;) 

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