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From Ian McFarland <>
Subject OS X and ant: Announce: new build of osxize ant task and utility
Date Mon, 13 May 2002 20:24:43 GMT
Hi dev list folks:

I posted the following to ant-user. I also wanted to let the dev folks 
know that we'll be going through the submission guidelines to make our 
source code conformant with them, and adding tar output support (using 
the tar task) so that compatible binaries can be built on Windows (which 
doesn't have the needed execute bit.)

I also packaged up ant 1.3 into an OS X installer a while back. I'd be 
happy to do that for 1.4, and 1.5 when it's ready, and generally 
maintain them. You can download the ant 1.3 installer here:

I haven't announced it elsewhere, because I wanted to talk to you dev 
list folks about it first. I did mention it to Steve Loughran when I met 
him last week, and he was encouraging about it. Take a look, and let me 
know if this is something you'd like me to maintain. Not sure yet if it 
can be integrated into the build process. The OS X installers do have a 
proprietary archive format. Maybe we can get more info on that from 
Apple, though.

The announcement:
This utility is designed to generate double-clickable Macintosh OS X 
applications from Java application JAR files. This works both from 
within ant, and from the command line, whether development is performed 
on an Apple Macintosh or not.

New in this build:

This build fixes a bug when multiple jars were specified, which caused 
the application not to run. Specifically, I erroneously assumed that was a standard Java properties file. The Mac Runtime 
for Java doesn't like escaped ':' characters in the classpath property. 
(Apple folks: Shouldn't my assumption be true? See bug filed.)

Find ant task here:

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