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From Kevin Grey <>
Subject JAI Image Manipulation Task Example
Date Tue, 07 May 2002 07:18:02 GMT


	Please comment on the following image manipulation task.  The
operations would be performed depth-first and would pass the resulting image
up the branch to the next element.  This example draws aligned text inside a
rectangle with a transparent background, which is then drawn to the
coordinates (50,50).  The image is then scaled to 10% of its size, rotated
45 degrees, then draws what ends up to be a circle with a diameter of 1
pixel.  It then does some levels adjustments.  I haven't considered stuff
like color balance or composites too much.  Let me know what you think.

<image-manip srcdir="D:/development/jakarta-ant/TEST_IMAGES"
	<draw xloc="50" yloc="50">
		<rectangle width="10" height="10" bgcolor="transparent">
			<text align="left" valign="middle" point="10"
string="Hello World"/>
	<scale dim="10%x10%"/>
	<rotate angle="45"/>
	<draw xloc="40" yloc="40">
		<scale dim="1x1">
			<circle bgcolor="FF0000" radius="5"/>
	<levels brightness="50" contrast="50" gamma="1.4"/>

Kevin Z Grey

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