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From Bruce Atherton <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Core Selector Tests
Date Sat, 01 Jun 2002 05:23:10 GMT
At 08:54 PM 5/31/02 -0400, Magesh Umasankar wrote:
>Bad old NT 4.0.

I think I asked the wrong question. After going through the other code, 
googling usenet, performing experiments and finally as a last resort 
checking the documentation, I have a suspicion I know what is going on. You 
are using JDK 1.1, aren't you?

Here is the important line from the touch task documentation page. I had 
read it before but hadn't fully registered it until now.

     For JDK 1.1 only the creation of new files with a modification time of 
now works, all other cases will emit a warning.

What this implies (in case you had as much trouble with that line as I 
originally did) is that my use of the <touch> task to set the timestamps on 
existing files won't work for a JDK 1.1 VM. The File.setLastModified() call 
is @since 1.2. The fix in this case is obvious, skip all date testing if 
running under a JDK 1.1 VM. To be safe, depend testing should be turned off 
as well because, although it works now, it could fail any time in the 
future if the original files' dates are changed.

In trying to tickle this bug out of hiding I went back to my old Windows 98 
box and found another, more subtle one. It turns out that on Windows 98, at 
least in my setup (JDK1.3.1_03), Java is unable to affect the timestamp on 
a directory. Because of this a depend test that includes a test on a 
directory timestamp is returning the wrong value. All other platforms I've 
encountered (including apparently NT, since Magesh did not encounter an 
error with depend testing) can change the timestamp on a directory without 
a problem. For now, I'll just ignore the return value from the directory in 
that test.

I've attached a patch for both these issues. Magesh, perhaps you could test 
this with your setup once you've had a chance to catch your breath after 
releasing Beta 2. Please don't hold Beta 2 on account of this, I don't 
think that anything here is that critical in my opinion.

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