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From Bruce Atherton <>
Subject Re: Selectors documentation and a Reference bug fix
Date Fri, 10 May 2002 00:12:49 GMT
At 06:25 PM 5/9/2002 +0100, Rob Oxspring wrote:
>I thought this would be the reply - I really think that ant is generally
>very good at being verbose and descriptive in its syntax and it would be a
>shame to let this slip by.  Taking another tack: if we don't want to use
>equal as the default (being uncommon is a fair argument) then why choose
>"less" over "more"? These strike me as equally common and so we'd only be
>shortening the typing for half the cases.

Sorry to be so predictable. :-)

Why choose "less" over "more" in <size>? Well, I did that in order to stay 
orthogonal to <date>, which defaults to "before" rather than "after". And I 
chose that because dates on files tend to be more in the past than in the 
future. They are still completely arbitrary, though, I agree.

Yes, it only shortens half the typing, but I thought that might be better 
than nothing at all.

>The bottom line is that I think that people maintaining the code / script
>being able to quickly understand it is far more important than the coder
>typing less.  Maybe this is a case where no default should be given?

Converting to "equal" would be tantamount to no default since its use is 
rare, so I see no advantage to requiring the attribute.

Since I have only a mild preference and you and Dominique appear to have a 
strong one, Ill change the default to "equals" if no one else has an 
opinion to the contrary.

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