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From Bruce Atherton <>
Subject Re: Selectors documentation and a Reference bug fix
Date Mon, 06 May 2002 21:07:33 GMT
At 12:54 PM 5/6/2002 -0700, Diane Holt wrote:
>This is the first time I've had a chance to look through (okay, more like
>glance through, since today's a busy day) this stuff, so forgive me if I'm
>a bit late in making the following suggestions:

All feedback is very much appreciated at all times.

>   - For consistency, wouldn't <selectset> be better than <select>?

I'm happy to call it whatever people want.

>   - Also, I think I'd rather see the nested element names drop the
>     "select" part, since I think it's a bit redundant to have
>     <containsselect>, <dateselect>, etc., when it's already clear
>     it's a selector since it's nested in a <select> (or <selectset>,
>     if you agree with my first suggestion). Plus, the element names
>     get harder to read and to type.

You are right, it would be cleaner to drop the "select" part (although it 
isn't necessarily in a <select{set}> if it is in a <fileset>). Is it too 
late for that kind of a change, though?

>(BTW: The attributes table for the <containselect> element looks to have a
>pick&put error.)

Yeek, sounds terrible. Oh, I see what you mean by that. Not enough cut and 
paste care. Thanks for catching it.

It's fixed in my copy now. Should I resubmit the whole tarball or just the 
one file?

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