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From Bruce Atherton <>
Subject Selectors documentation and a Reference bug fix
Date Mon, 06 May 2002 18:54:43 GMT
Here is the documentation on Selectors, along with a bug fix for the 
Reference issue that Erik pointed out. It fixes the problem by adding a 
<select> tag that can be used outside of a target to create Selector 

It is the only selector for which references are valid, but it turns out 
that this is similar to other types of references. The reference system 
does not appear to support referencing a class defined within one target in 
another since the attributes of the classes get reset. If I am wrong about 
this please let me know, but I tried many ways to get references to carry 
between targets and it never seemed to work. Once I pulled the definition 
outside of a target, things worked fine. It is as if there was a target 
scope for the attributes of a class, but a project scope for its reference.

I've included two files for documentation. One describes selectors, and the 
other describes how to write your own. There isn't a directory for 
development instructions (the others are kept in the manual directory) so I 
just left it in the CoreTypes directory. Feel free to move it if that is wrong.

If someone could review, add the files and apply the patch, I'd appreciate 
it. I'll be finishing the test cases soon.

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