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From "Patrick (Gus) Heck" <>
Subject [SUBMIT] symlink task
Date Thu, 30 May 2002 20:46:11 GMT
I have written a symlink task which should be useful for managing websites on unix or any other
case where the symlinks in a directory may constitute valuable information. This task allows
one to quickly and easily record the symlinks in an entire directory structure in a properties

This makes it possible to have a directory that consists entirely of symlinks, and can be
recreated without shell script and without typing in the links by hand.

The way I plan to use this is to record the links, and check the properties files into CVS.
This way when cvs checks them out it creates the directories too. Then ant can come along
and read the properties file making all the links I need.

I hope others will find this taks useful as well.

The symlink task highlights:
 - make a symlink
 - delete a symlink without deleting the target file/directory
 - record all the symlinks in a directory tree in a properties file
 - recreate the symlinks in a directory tree from the properties file
 - failonerror or not
 - overwrite existing symlinks or not.
 - symlink deletion method is exposed as a static utility function for use by developers
 - I have chosen not to expose the properites file creation method in this task but both it
and the symlink deletetion method might be transportable to (the method in
the PropertyFile task that I mostly copied is private). I will let the commiters decide on
this one however.

Code and Testcases compiled and run on sun jdk 1.4.0 and ibm jdk 1.1.8_v1 
under linux 2.4 kernel


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