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From Conor MacNeill <>
Subject Re: Ant test framework
Date Tue, 28 May 2002 02:03:30 GMT wrote:
> This is part of an email conversation between Conor and myself about
> getting the build file test framework available as another deliverable of
> ant.
> In Maven, we've written several project specific tasks that need to be
> tested on a regular basis, and rather than subsume the source code from
> Ant, we'd much prefer the 'Ant Test Framework' to be available as a jar
> file so that other projects can specify it as a test dependency, and use
> it.
> So the proposal is that for Ant 1.6 and beyond the test classes needed to
> test build files be packaged up as another jar and made a deliverable like
> the optional jar is.
> Votes: +1/-1/+0/-0?
> I'm willing to make a new build file for ant to build the test framework
> and package it as a jar (i.e. +1 from a non-committer).

As I said, Steve has been looking at this. I can't remember the latest 
thinking. I've looked a bit further just now and I think that perhaps 
the easiest thing is just to move BuildFileTest into the main source 
tree (and hence ant.jar) without moving it in its package namespace. The 
Ant tests would continue to function as is and task developers would not 
have to copy and paste code to access test facilities.



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