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From Conor MacNeill <>
Subject Re: [IMPORTANT!] Fix Ant 1.5 Support for JAXP [Was: -- patch breaks bootstrap.bat Yikes!]
Date Mon, 27 May 2002 02:06:21 GMT wrote:
> On Mon, 27 May 2002, Conor MacNeill wrote:
> There is a section in all JCP specs that (aledgedly) require any
> implementation to pass a test suite, otherwise it can't be distributed.
> There are also requirements to distribute the full impl, not a subset.
> Of course, xerces is a clean-room implementation ( but as it was 
> discussed, it is not clear if clean-room is ok - and some people who 
> contributed on the impl. have read the spec ).
> Again, it all depends on how much you care about small prints and
> how you want to interpret it. Some believe that are issues with the parts 
> of the licence that restrict clean-room impl of a spec. And I doubt
> Sun will sue ASF for this. 
> In any case, distributing Jaxp without Xalan can't be called a
>  'JAXP1.1 implementation', and can't pass the test suite ( since
> 1/2 tests are for XSLT ). 
> For an official answer you should contact Sam Ruby, or someone who
> have access to the licensing list on ASF. All I can say is that 
> distributing it without xalan makes me very uncomfortable.

OK thanks. IANAL either so the following is just my opinion :-)

According to the current JCP requirements I'm not sure we could 
distribute Ant with either Xerces or Xalan since I am not aware that 
either pass their JCP test suite (there may be some exemptions 
negotiated for Apache that I am unaware of). If the press releases were 
any guide, this issue should be resolved but I don't think the final 
resolution has happened yet.

You know, if what you contend is true, Xerces itself could not be 
distributed without Xalan :-)

If we do decide to include Xalan we need to figure out which xml-apis 
jar to include since Xerces and Xalan appear to use different versions 
:-( Can anyone vouch for the suitability of using Xerces with Xalan's 
xml-apis jar or do we have to take a leap of faith?


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