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From Craeg Strong <>
Subject Re: -- patch breaks bootstrap.bat Yikes!
Date Fri, 24 May 2002 23:30:32 GMT

Responses to previous email are down below, but a bigger issue has come 

I never realized until this very moment that the xmlParserAPIs.jar that 
comes with
Xerces does __NOT__ contain the full JAXP library.  Instead, they 
chopped it in half
and only included the pieces that are actually implemented by xerces.   
This is bad.

XMLCatalog as I have now modified it makes use of the OTHER pieces of 
the JAXP library,
although it does NOT require actual implementations of the Transformer 
(that is, neither Xalan nor Saxon have to be on the path).    

The problem is, bootstrap.bat / FAIL to build Ant now 
because of the missing
APIs.   >:-(

What is the best way to fix this?    I remember there was some 
discussion about including
the xalan jar files in Ant/lib:    xalan.jar and xml-api.jar

Of course, the Xalan xml-api.jar includes the ENTIRE jaxp library, so 
there would be
considerable overlap with xerces  xmlParserAPIs.jar

Another alternative is to include  jaxp.jar  from JAXP 1.1   At only 28K,
it does not add much to the size of the ant download.

Again, however, there would be some overlap with the xerces 

Anyway, it seems pretty reasonable to me that Ant would include a 
jaxp.jar library,
as it is intrinsically dependent on much of JAXP.   Otherwise, we would 
have to do something
horribly ugly like breaking up XMLCatalog into two pieces.  yuk.



Erik Hatcher wrote:

>Ok, I've applied your fix-up patch.

>>I am guessing you are using the following:
>>Windows 2000
>>Apache Xerces 2.0.1 (the one that comes bundled with Ant)
>>Apache Xalan 2.3.1
>>Please let me know as soon as possible.   I noted in your comments, the
>>failures were all of the nature
>>Expected    "file:/C:/ant1.5Beta/jakarta-ant/src.../doc.dtd"
>>But Was:    "file:C:/ant1.5Beta/jakarta-ant/src.../doc.dtd"
>>That is, the URL was being formed improperly-- missing the slash after
>Win2k, Xerces from Ant installation, and an unknown version of Xalan (I've
>been swapping different versions around on it).
>    Erik
I will try with the latest 2.3.1  

 Saxon also has a bug in forming URIs  in versions 6.5.0 - 6.5.2, and 
the next version
6.5.3 is going to have a fix.   In any event, I will put together a 
testing matrix of good and bad versions of
various parsers, and maybe we can add it to the docs.  Even for the 
"bad" versions, there are workarounds.



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