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From Christian Neumann <>
Subject Re: Annoncement text for 1.5beta1
Date Tue, 14 May 2002 11:02:42 GMT
I just want to ask if including the optional.jar file in the binary ant
distribution will be the default way in the future?

Because this seems to break the easy way described in in dealing
with external libraries.

Including the optional.jar in the binary distribution makes it mandatory
to modify the standard ant installation (either by adding all external
libs in the ant/lib dir, the system classpath or by invoking ant with an
own start script).

For 1.4 it was simple to define the build environment of a project
simply by declaring a standard ant installation as a minimum
requirement. It was not necessary to extend the ant/lib dir, because
(almost) all the external libs used by the optional tasks could be
loaded with one taskdef statement from the project build file.

I am aware of the other threads dealing with an include- or
template-mechanismen and I donĀ“t want to start yet another one.
I just want to know if you activly decided that the easier way of 
installing ant is better than reducing the use of the 


On Thu, 2 May 2002, GOMEZ Henri <> wrote:

 > The suggestion was to split optional in free/non-free package.

No, split into one jar per dependency, but this is not going to happen
before Ant 1.6.

 > So if I release a rpm, it will be with a partial optional jar and
 > you'll get users complaining about 'incorrect rpm'.

People have been complaining about not including optional.jar in the
binary distributions, that's why it is now in.

Maybe we should also provide it as a separate download for people
building from source themselves?


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