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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: Available Task Unclear documentation? shoule I bug it or is it me?
Date Tue, 21 May 2002 00:35:55 GMT
--- "Patrick (Gus) Heck" <> wrote:
> There is nothing in the documentation that indicates that some tasks 
> (such as property) can occur outside of targets while others (like 
> available) must be contained in targets. Such a restriction seems 
> potentially reasonable, but it should be documented if it is there. If 
> you contrast the documentation about Property and Available, you get no 
> indication of this difference, and there is no reference to it in 
> using.html.

>From "using.html":
    Notice that we are declaring properties outside any target.
    The <property>, <typedef> and <taskdef> tasks are special in
    that they can be declared outside any target. When you do this
    they are evaluated before any targets are executed. No other
    tasks can be declared outside targets.

Although it should probably also mention that datatypes (<fileset>,
<filelist>, <filterset>, etc.) can be at the project level as well.

> I don't see any reason why available should be restricted to targets 
> anyway, at least not when it is checking for file existance.




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