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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: [myrmidon] ProjectListener
Date Sat, 11 May 2002 07:48:22 GMT
On Sat, 11 May 2002 17:24, Adam Murdoch wrote:
> > Well apps that want that ability will be able to do it via TaskListeners.
> > IMHO ProjectListeners will do basically what they do now (ie write to
> > streams, write to files etc). However they are just a convenience layer.
> > For "real" integration into GUIs etc you would use  a TaskListener.
> Using ProjectListeners isn't portable across project models.  


> We'd be
> better off having the general-purpose output stuff done by TaskListeners
> instead.

But how do you a general purpose output without a specific Project model in 
mind? ie How would you do a generic outputter when you are dealing with a 
gump/vindico project or a maven project compared to regular ant project. We 
could make ProjectListeners implement TaskListener and access them via that 
(it was previously this way). I just though this was a bit hack so I 
separated it out.

> Even if they are ProjectListeners, I still don't see why the project task
> is responsible for doing the instantiation. 

Probably. I just didn't want to have the container having access to the 
framework ClassLoader.

> > > Will we be able use more of the container
> > > type stuff from elsewhere too?
> >
> > Im not sure what you mean. I plan to homogenize the embeddor stuff from
> > Phoenix, Myrmidon etc so that we can reuse large chunks of it.
> That's exactly what I mean.  Right now, it seems that there's a bit too
> much container infrastructure code in myrmidon. 


> We don't need to do
> anything particularly special (except for service scoping, maybe), so
> ideally we would be able to just use something from, say, avalon, rather
> than writing our own container.  But all we're using atm is
> DefaultServiceManager, as a glorified hashmap.  So it would be an excellent
> thing to be able to use more avalon container stuff.  Stuff that would be
> out of scope to do in the myrmidon tree - like, say, meta-info driven
> assembly, or dependency aware lifecycle management - but that we could
> happily use.

yep. Thats what I am hoping to glom together from what is already sitting in 
the various avalon products. If we can't get somethign that is 100% what we 
want we should be able to get 90% from generic container and then have minor 
customization inside myrmidon.


Peter Donald

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