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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: [myrmidon] ProjectListener
Date Sat, 11 May 2002 05:24:20 GMT
On Sat, 11 May 2002 12:36, Adam Murdoch wrote:
> I can live with it moving to framework.  How about in the meantime, we just
> add Workspace.addListener( TaskListener ) ?  Then I can get the tests
> working again, without waiting for this to get sorted out.

no problem.

> > However that requires that I finish moving the "Project" logic to a task
> > (basically moving the stuff) and for that task to read properties from
> > context so as to know which ProjectListener to instantiate.
> Why would the project task need to know which listener to instantiate?
> Wouldn't that still be the app's responsibility (with maybe the embeddor
> instantiating on the app's behalf)?

Well apps that want that ability will be able to do it via TaskListeners. IMHO 
ProjectListeners will do basically what they do now (ie write to streams, 
write to files etc). However they are just a convenience layer. For "real" 
integration into GUIs etc you would use  a TaskListener.

> Framework is currently in the 'common' classloader (from
>, although it
> should be in the 'shared' classloader (which we don't have atm).  So it
> will be visible to the container.  For now.

okay then move it away ;)

> > Currently I am working on cleaning up some Avalon stuff and I am going to
> > make a proposal so that the services we implement can be shared between
> > Myrmidon, Phoenix, Merlin, Fortress, ECM etc. Hopefully that means we can
> > rely on a bunch of ex-Cocoon stuff to do some of resource/xml/xslt/other
> > magic.
> Excellent - what's the plan? 

Mainly to get other people to maintain the services/container that is not core 
part of myrmidon :)

The way I plan on doing it is figuring out common meta-info about different 
components and getting people to mark up the components with XDoclet tags. 
Then from that we can generate whatever meta-data we need to run in whatever 

> Will we be able use more of the container
> type stuff from elsewhere too?

Im not sure what you mean. I plan to homogenize the embeddor stuff from 
Phoenix, Myrmidon etc so that we can reuse large chunks of it. 

However I guess you mean what services can we nab from other places? I am not 
sure there is many besides the generic ones from Cocoon. The main reason is 
that the services often come from very server orientated apps (CORBA, FTP, 
Mail, Jabber, EJB, LDAP) or vertical markets - none of which is really useful 
to us ;)

There are some "generic" services that I know of which may be useful (ie 
Script/BSFService) but because we have such specific needs I am not sure we 
can use them. Anyways I will poke a few people to see what I can come up 

BTW a few people have been asking about your VFS layer but I am not really 
sure on its status at this stage. It is likely however that in the future 
other people will want to use this and some of the other features we have in 
myrmidon (particularly the native execution service, and javac service).


Peter Donald

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