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From David Stenglein <>
Subject XML properties consistency for filter and replace.
Date Tue, 14 May 2002 17:11:37 GMT
Hello all,

We're setting up ant to do some global builds of our
system and one thing we've come up against is the use
of property files in filter and replace.

The essential problem is that they don't allow the use
of XMLproperties and they also don't allow properties
in the included file to be set to other properties.

This prevents us from using a master XMLproperty file
for each environment, and allowing all of those
XMLproperties to be used as filters.

What would appear to me to be the way to fix this would
be to make a util.xmlproperties from the code in the
XMLproperties task and then reuse this to provide
a filtersfilexml attribute to the filter/replace task.

Another question I have is why there is a replace task with
different semantics about the delimiting character from filter.
It would seem that filter and replace should be the same base
code, with common behavior for replacing.

Any comments?  Unfortunately, it isn't really practical for me
to write this, since we are trying to get a system going, so
we might have to kludge it somehow.


David Stenglein
Director of Engineering/Operations
dave at

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