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From Nicolas Mailhot <>
Subject Re: Fwd: Re: [JPackage-devel] RE: RPMs
Date Thu, 02 May 2002 07:59:25 GMT
Le mar 30/04/2002 à 17:50, Stefan Bodewig a écrit :
> On Mon, 29 Apr 2002, Guillaume Rousse <> wrote:
> > Well, i you really want the scripts working the same, you could
> > change ant original one to use the same env var as we do.
> Two words, one phrase: backwards compatibility.
> > We can't do the apposite, as we expect those env vars to be used for
> > all our wrapper scripts, and and i don't think ANT_WHATEVER would
> > make any sense in a .argoumlrc pref file...
> But you define them in separate files anyway as you will probably
> never find a single option to put into ADDITIONAL_OPTIONS that would
> apply to all java programs you wanted to run.
> I'm afraid we won't get together here.

Well, the best effect of Guillaume's setup IMHO is that you can define
these env vars once, override them only in the confs you care about, and
everything will still work. Plus it makes maintenance easier.

How about letting Guillaume change the env vars used by ant script
internally so that they match jpackages, and convert old ant env vars to
new ones ar script start if rpmmode=false ?

This way everyone is happy, our script codes are closer and backwards
compatibility is saved. (I won't do it myself since I think Guillaume
groks better the puprose of the env vars jpackage uses)

(btw I think there was a huge time lag on some of your answers, sorry if
I was late replying:(


Nicolas Mailhot

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