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From "Ingmar J Stein" <>
Subject Re: xmlproperties (was: JUnit writes properties for each testcase )
Date Fri, 03 May 2002 11:57:09 GMT
> > Being the original contributor to <echoproperties>, should I go
> > ahead and work on a patch for Ant 1.6?
> +1 - or even better, collaborate with Ingmar 8-)

Okay, here's my first attempt.
It adds two new attributes to <echoproperties>:
- format - enumerated attribute. Either "xml" or "text".
- srcfile - loads the properties from a file. If not specified,
  echoproperties behaves like it does now and uses ant's
  property set.

I carefully added the XML output to the existing class.
One may factor out the common code and write a PropertyWriter
Interface and make XMLPropertyWriter and JdkPropertyWriter
extend it.

Matt, would you please look at the code as it is completely untested :-)
(At least, it compiles)


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