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Subject ANT, gzip/tar targets and the Zaurus.
Date Fri, 05 Apr 2002 12:58:02 GMT

Whilst trying to build a little build.xml task for the Sharp
Zaurus - I ran into a problem with the way ANT does the gzipping
and the tarring.

The zaurus seems to

-	Want its file with a string uid rather than '0'

-	Wants its gzip files of OS type unix and with
	the original name.

-	It wants filenames to start with a './' starting.

As other wise the debian like pkg management system is not happy.

I.e. It expects:
	$ file java-anttest_1.00_arm.ipk: gzip compressed data,
		deflated, original filename,
		last modified: Tue Nov 27 16:48:01 2001, os: Unix
rather than
	$ file java-anttest_1.00_arm.ipk:
		gzip compressed data, deflated, last modified: Thu Jan  1
		01:00:00 1970, os: MS-DOS

and for the inside of the tar it wants entries:
	$ tar ztvf ~/Sites/java-hello_1.00_arm.ipk
	-rw-r--r-- zaurus/sharp     275 2002-04-05 14:48:42 ./control.tar.gz
	-rw-r--r-- zaurus/sharp    2350 2002-04-05 14:49:13 ./data.tar.gz

rather than
	$ tar zvtf dist/java-hello_1.00_arm.ipk
	-rw-r--r-- 0/0             260 2002-04-05 14:54:00 control.tar.gz
	-rw-r--r-- 0/0            2420 2002-04-05 14:54:00 data.tar.gz

What are my chances of getting these capabilities into ant ? Right now I
am using an external shell script to do the 'right' thing with a bit
of tar/gzip magic from the cmd line.

Dirk-Willem van Gulik

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