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From "Patrick (Gus) Heck" <>
Subject possible symlink task
Date Thu, 25 Apr 2002 14:43:50 GMT
So does the Ant community want to have the ability to manage symlinks?

I am currently writing a symlink task to use with ant for my own
Besides doing the trivial case of making a symlink given a filename and
link name it would also store and retreive symlink information in a file

written by java.util.Properties.

This is useful to me because I am working with a web site that offers
that is compiled and javadoced and available as source. The code is all
CVS and the web pages etc are all in CVS. Since Ant can do CVS checkouts

I figure why not have ant manage the whole process? Then my entire site
be regenerated from the repository by checking out the build.xml and

The problem comes in when I need to deal with directories that have
symlinks. At the moment the only way I found to make symlinks in ant is
executing a command on the operating system, which means all the
would have to be recoreded and managed within the build.xml.

Since this would be messy I am writing a task to clean it up.

Of course this may be feature creep and is not strictly build
but maybe there are build related reasons for playing with symlinks?

So my questions are these:

1. Am I being bone headed and missing obvious funtionality already found
Ant? I tried to find it and failed, but that doesn't mean it isn't
(if so plese tell me to RTFM) (page links if you are feeling generous)

2. If the first answer is no, Is the Ant community interested in having
symlink task similar to what I have described.

3. If the above answers are no, and yes respectively then how do I go
submitting this once I have the code working, documented and formatted?


P.S. I am only planning support for linux and any other systems that use
ln -s <fname> <linkname> command since the basis of the whole thing is
still an
Execute.runCommand() call. If other systems are to be supported, someone

who is developing on those systems probably would need to add the
as I am only set up to develop on linux at this point.

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