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From Ken Wood <>
Subject Re: [ Off Topic ] - Command Line Processing
Date Mon, 08 Apr 2002 21:55:53 GMT
John Keyes wrote:

> Apologies for the offtopic mail but this is the only apache developer
> mailing list I am subscribed to.
> ...
> Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
> Apologies again,

Any feedback, eh? Oh, I cannot resist ... curmudgeons
like me just love questions like this. It leaves our
spleens in much better shape...

If you know this question is off topic, why didn't you find
the appropriate list and subscribe to it? Your comment
is similar to...

  "sorry, I know I'm in Burger King, but it's the only
   fast food place I ever visit... so can you
   give me a BigMac and an Arby's Cheddar Melt?
   Oh, and let's throw in a Blizzard from Dairy Queen.

What would you expect to get if you tried that???

Did you look at the available mailing lists? Maybe
this is more appropriate:

       The Jakarta General Project List
       Medium Traffic Subscribe Unsubscribe Archive

       This is the project general mailing list. This is where ideas, suggestions, and
comments are exchanged that deal
       with the overall Jakarta project. Matters that affect the project as a whole are
decided here. If you are interested
       in adding a new project to Jakarta, please see this page.

So, I guess my tongue in cheek feedback boils down to
"please find and subscribe to an appropriate list, and post there."
Otherwise, why don't we all just post all our questions about anything
here to Ant developers, whether they are on topic or not, and save
ourselves and the universe the trouble of having more than one mailing
list to begin with.

Oh, my, I feel better already... Thanks!

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