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From (Edson Alves Pereira)
Subject RE: Re: <target name="init"> and others
Date Fri, 05 Apr 2002 16:52:31 GMT
  But create a task that is automatic called by the project object don´t remember a protected
method that a inherit class use from the super class, isn´t? In my view if my tag <project>
is a object and this object inherit its features from Ant´s Project class, i don´t understand
why don´t use that.

  Is there some special reason?

Stefan Bodewig <> wrote:

>On Thu, 04 Apr 2002, Edson Alves Pereira
><> wrote:
>>   I´m here again. So i writing a build file to CUP Parser and i
>>   noticed that mine target "init" didn´t execute.
>Do the targets you want to run depend on your "init" target?
>"init" used to be a magic target two years ago, but even Ant 1.1
>forces you to state your target dependencies explicitly.
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