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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: [myrmidon] TaskListener and friends
Date Sat, 20 Apr 2002 05:56:43 GMT

interesting questions (many of which I hadn't thought about).

On Tue, 16 Apr 2002 22:48, Adam Murdoch wrote:
> * How does an event get fired?

Maybe Executors before and after a task is executed.

>  Who is allowed to fire events?  Can tasks?
> All services?  A single service?

Well not sure. I was thinking that it is only really necessary for the 
Executor to have access to firing mechanisms. It would then call it at 
start/end of task execution and it would also binf a stream to System.out/err 
and have that stream redirect output as events.

> * How does a listener get registered?  How does a task register a listener?
> Or an app?  Or a service?

No idea. Maybe another service?

> * Are events scoped?  That is, are they visible outside the execution frame
> where they were fired in?  In parent frames?  Child frames?  Globally?
> Depends on the listener?

Not sure. Scoped listeners sound interesting. You add a listener at a specific 
ExecutionFrame and all events below that gets delivered - I like that. Of 
course we would need an escape mechanism that said add this to my parents 
frame (ie to change verbosity of a target) or top-level frame (ala project 
listeners) or whatever.

> * How are events typed?  Are the types extensible?  Can we fire, say,
> 'external command started' or 'type registered' events for inter-service
> communication?

I was thinking they are less a communication system and just notification 
about event execution and thus the even should be final. However if we wanted 
a command bus maybe we could build another system.


Peter Donald

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