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From Nicolas Mailhot <>
Subject Re: [JPackage-devel] FW: jakarta ant 1.4.1/1.5 ant script
Date Mon, 29 Apr 2002 11:49:18 GMT
Le lun 29/04/2002 à 12:58, Stefan Bodewig a écrit :
> On 26 Apr 2002, Nicolas Mailhot <> wrote:
> > I started auditing it to find what's wrong and ended up tweaking
> > most of it. So here is the result.
> I wonder what caused the problems - we've had reports about stuff that
> needed to be quoted and we've obviously not quoted everthing that
> could be quoted (you've shown several places we forgot to touch), but
> most of your other changes are either (1) replacing `` with $()
> or (2) replacing
> if [...] then
>   command
> fi
> with [...] && command
> While (2) is a question of style (and I prefer ours, YMMV), 

Well, (2) is mostly to shrunk the size of these ifs, I've found it's
much easier to miss redundant/conflicting assigments when they are
separated by half a screen worth of fis.

> we cannot
> perform (1) if it is bash specific (I think it is).  Do you know
> whether Korn Shell supports this?

Damn, didn't think about this. No I don't know. I do know bash doc marks
` as a deprecated construct, I don't use it because I find this kind of
fly dung easy to miss, but I have no idea about ksh support (or not).

Can any ksh user comment on this ? 

> I'm totally opposed to removing the AIX hack as it would break
> backwards compatibilty.  People don't need to set JAVACMD on AIX right
> now.

Well, as you've wrote it's a hack and I really don't think we should
support all non-standard jvm layouts in the main script (plus it's a
hellhole when you have many application scripts to support like we do at
jpackege). Or else we should migrate to use the unified java-functions
file we've been writing at jpackage right now (this was one of the
jpackage's middle-term plan anyway) so this hack could be shared with
tomcat and other java apps.

As a short-term solution, we could reintroduce the hack with a clear
warning it will be depracated in ant's next version, and users of such
insane jvms should set JAVACMD (either in their env or in one of ant's
config files).

> > a sane clathpath builder (i.e. first jvm jars, then core ant jars,
> > then local classpath).
> I'm not sure whether we could run into difficult to track down
> backwards incompatibilities if we change the order of CLASSPATH.  Why
> do you think that putting tools.jar at the front is more sane than
> putting it at the end?

I really think internal jvm jars are important to the sanity of the
system and should not be put lightly at the end of the classpath. But
that's not the reason I changed this (while nice it's a purely cosmetic
fix if no one reports any bug). If core ant jars (i.e the jaxp parser)
are loaded in the classpath after the local classpath and the local
classpath contains saxon jars the style task will bomb because it will
detect the Ælfred parser first, and this parser is not supported. Since
I use saxon a lot, it's one of my pet bugs and I had it corrected in the
rpms (both jakarta and jpackage) for ages before this script
reintroduced it.

The moving of tools.jar was only a side-effect of this correction (btw
jpackage order right now is  core ant jars, jvm jars, local classpath
i.e. slightly different)


Nicolas Mailhot

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