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From "Gurdev Parmar" <>
Subject Re: Path, refid, <src>
Date Fri, 26 Apr 2002 23:00:11 GMT
Thanks Diane/Dominique to make some things clear to me.

Unless, a person gets such clarification from the user group
one does not know many things with just the ant user manual.
Like, the manual does not say that <fileset> inside <path> tag
can be used only for jar files and not source files. Or that path-like
elements are to be used only for directories.
I want to address this problem to the dev group as well. Sorry for
the bandwidth.

Secondly, I want to know why the ant developers thought that <src>
should be a path like element where we can specify only directories
and <classpath> can be a path like element which can take
jar files too. Why can't <src> be a path like structure which can
take source files too? What do I do when I want to define all the
source file patterns at one place and just use the refid in the javac



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From: "Diane Holt" <>
To: "Ant Users List" <>
Sent: Friday, April 26, 2002 12:13 PM
Subject: Re: Path, refid, <src>

> --- Gurdev Parmar <> wrote:
> > But did you notice that I had used a <fileset> tag inside
> > path to describe a set of files?
> Yes, I did -- but I also noticed that the files pointed to by that
> <fileset> wouldn't make much sense inside a <path>, and certainly not one
> destined to be referenced in a nested <src> element for the <javac> task,
> since that's used to point to source directories and can't contain any
> files at all (not even ones that could conceivably be in a <path>, such as
> .jar and .zip files), which is why it barked at you about the .java file
> not being a directory.
> > This is the example that ant documentation gives, on the basis
> > of which I was working on:
> But note that the documentation example shows jar files being included in
> the path, not .java source files.
> If the only place you intend to reference the set of files you're trying
> to group together is in your <javac> task, you can skip the whole thing
> and just specify them in your <javac> task directly -- but not within a
> nested <src> element. Assuming all the files you want to compile live in
> subdirs down from a single common directory, just point the 'srcdir'
> attribute to the top of your package hierarchy and use nested <include>
> elements to specify the files you want. If you need to specify more than
> one directory under which the source files are to be found, then you can
> either do that by listing them in 'srcdir' as a path-type list (eg.,
> srcdir="dir1:dir2") or by using nested <src> elements -- eg:
>   <src path="dir1"/>
>   <src path="dir2"/>
> or as a 'refid' to a (valid) <path>.
> Diane
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