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From stephan beal <>
Subject suggestion for if/unless syntax change
Date Wed, 20 Mar 2002 13:18:26 GMT
Hello, fellas,

i have a suggestion for the if/unless clauses:

Rename them to ifset and unlessset. The reason for this is that they have 
behaviour which is counter-intuitive for most programmers (i.e., the people 
using Ant), in that they work if the var is set to *any* value, regardless of 
the true/false interpretation of the var.

i understand this is a huge backwards compatibility issue, but it sure would 
make the usage of if/unless clearer and more intuitive.

----- stephan
Generic Universal Computer Guy -
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"I ain't gen'rally given to physicality of that nature but it saves
a lot of arguing." -- Nanny Ogg

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