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From "Adam Murdoch" <>
Subject RE: Exporting a Project Instance
Date Sat, 23 Mar 2002 01:19:10 GMT

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> Sent: Saturday, 23 March 2002 10:47 AM
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> Subject: Re: Exporting a Project Instance
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> > I'm -1 on trying to extract state out of configured tasks and
> > data-types.
> Given the arguments you have stated that is a reasonable outcome.
> > Having said that, I think we do have a reasonable solution, in the
> > longer
> > term.  Namely, the separation of project model from the task objects.
> > There
> > is some discussion going on about how we might do this in ant 1.x, and
> > it
> > will certainly be available in ant 2 (both mutant and myrmidon have
> > separated out the project model).
> I am new to the ant-dev list.  I would be grateful if someone could send
> me some information on what 'mutant' and 'myrmidon' are.

They are Ant 2 proposals.

Some info on Mutant:

Some info on Myrmidon:

> > So, what you would do is, rather than instantiate, configure and
> > execute the
> > task objects directly, you would build the model for the project (like a
> > DOM), and then could either persist the model to an XML file (or
> > whatever
> > representation you liked), or execute it in the ant engine.
> That sounds like a really cool solution.  Have any roadmaps been
> discussed
> for ant2 yet? Again, if someone could point me towards documentation or
> other information for this I would be grateful.

There's been *plenty* of talk about what we want Ant 2 to look like, but
there's only a pretty vague plan for actually getting there.  Currently,
there's no offical ant 2 project per se.  Instead, there's a couple of
proposals, where people are trying stuff out, and putting together
prototypes of what ant 2 might look like.

Some Ant 2 related info:


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